Wednesday, 10 February 2016


I must be one of the few people in the world who actually WANTS to find out spoilers.

Who actively seeks them out, even!!!

It's a bit weird of me, I know. It's weird. I mean I love a neat little twist as much as the next person. But all of my life I have always tried to hunt out the spoiler. The minute someone says "oh, you won't believe what happens in season 3 of -inserttvprogrammehere-" I suddenly find myself fighting the urge to go and look it up online... and quickly give in to said urge.

Did you ever read the Nancy Drew Files books? They used to have a little blurb on them suggesting who the ultimate villain of the piece might be, giving you three options before you even dove into the book. This wasn't enough for me. Within a couple of chapters I'd be flipping to the end because I couldn't wait to find out who the perpetrator actually was. Once I knew I'd actually be far happier reading the book, and I would actually feel somehow less itchy-skinned reading the book now I knew exactly what I was dealing with.

When "The Sixth Sense" came out in the cinema, everyone was raving about it . . . and the amazing twist which no one wanted to tell me. I can't remember if I had to force someone to tell me eventually or look it up . . . but I knew the twist long LOOOONNNNGGGG before I eventually saw the film. But I feel like I enjoyed it more for knowing how it was going to play out.

There's about 500 hundred shows I've started watching and am yet to finish yet I know exactly how they are going to end because I couldn't resist googling it. That doesn't mean I'm not going to eventually get around to finishing those 500 shows. It just means I don't need to stress out about watching them anytime soon because I know how they're going to end. I can take my time and get to them when I eventually feel ready.

Oh, and occasionally if I'm watching the quiz show "The Chase" on ITV+1 I'll even end up checking the hashtag on Twitter to see whether the Chaser or the contestants win. Since more often than not it seems to be The Chaser who is victorious, much to my disappointment, it helps me accept that fact earlier on.

BUT . . . and this is important . . . I will NOT tell you the spoiler. I am not and have never been a "spoiler-teller", no siree! The spoiler is safe with me. 

ANYWAY, yes,  I have a problem clearly. In a way though, I think this desire to know how a story ends reflects ME and the sort of person I am . . . I would always like to know how my stories end and obviously life is not like that at all. Like if someone had told me years ago that I would be happy and settled in however many years time, maybe I wouldn't have had as many little downward spirals where I wondered if I would ever feel properly happy. Or, for example, back in 2001/2002 when I experienced a few stretches of unemployment, if someone had told me where the light at the end of the tunnel would be, I could have relaxed and actually enjoyed not having a job for a wee while. And the problem is that life isn't like that.

We don't have access to spoilers for our own lives.

Wow. That was fairly profound. But I think that may be why I enjoy a spoiler as much as I do in other areas of life!

Okay, that's me off my soapbox for now. Speaking of soaps . . . I might go and google some spoilers for "Hollyoaks" now, try and find out who that Gloved Hand Killer is going to bump off next before it actually happens . . . ;-)

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  1. I'm the same way! I prefer to know what's coming up, and always look for spoilers! Glad I'm not alone here. haha.


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