Sunday, 14 February 2016


Being born in 1979 (oh man, I feel old even typing that), I lived my teenage years completely in the 1990s. Here's my memories of it:

Me in 1995 . . .

1) Jackie magazine becoming Shout magazine. It was never quite the same after that, and I kept my old stash of Jackie magazines for YEARS. (I'm not at all bitter that I had an unsuccessful interview at Shout several years later.)

2) Getting a CD player but not really having enough pocket money to buy CDs for it and continuing to just keep recording all of my music off the Top 40 on a Sunday night.

3) "Happy Nation" by Ace of Base remains to this day a classic album. (It was the first CD I ultimately bought).

4) Going over to play the Amiga at my friend's house and being gutted that her brother had commandeered it so we couldn't play "Paper Boy" or "California Games" as planned. GUTTED.

5) Instead going through the phone book to see if we could find the numbers of the guys we fancied . . . and then phoning them on the other's behalf to announce "We know someone who fancies you" and then hanging up. (This may be where I got my hatred of phone calls from, in retrospect.)

6) Making a "top 5 best bums" list for the guys in school. I don't think we shared it with them.

7) Wearing one of those tiny black lycra skirts to school because I wanted to show off my legs - then spending the whole day trying to pull it down just a tad because I didn't actually want to get into trouble off the teachers.

8) Going to my first "empty" at 16 without any alcohol and drinking everyone else's dregs. And still managing to get drunk!

9) Having my first kiss at that same party . . . and then the mortification as I remembered on Monday morning that the guy I'd kissed was in my registration class and he was going to be the first person I saw!

10) Spending every night plotting my route between the various buildings in school to ensure I ran into the guy I (and everyone else) fancied as many times as possible. And usually finding my plans foiled my friends, teachers or other unforeseen circumstances the following day when I actually tried to put them into action.

11) Documenting every sighting of the guy I fancied in my diary. Once I seem to recall there was actually an illustration to show where I was on the stairs and where he was when our eyes met for approximately one second. Probably because I was gazing at him like a loon and he was terrified . . . (Good thing he never saw the diary!)

12) Doing that silly "maths" game where you worked out how many % you were compatible with a hot guy based on how many letters in your name you had in common. (Or something REALLY scientific like that . . .)

13) The mortification when a guy I didn't fancy asked a friend to ask me to "get off" (kiss) him. Saying no is easy enough, facing them afterwards in class (or, occasionally, mass!) was always a bit awkward . . .

14) That time our drama teacher gave us all Christmas cards and accidentally signed her first name on one of the guy's cards. That still makes me giggle . . .

15) Wrangler "Roxanne" jeans. Combined with a cropped marl jumper from M&S over a baggy white shirt. I think that might actually be cool again . . .

16) Sun-In . . . I probably wouldn't be blonde today, 20 plus years on, if it hadn't been for me having a bit of a dabble with this. Okay . . . it completely messed up my hair . . . but from the age of 15/16 I discovered I actually did have more fun as a blonde!

Anyone else have any 90s memories? Or even just teenage memories?


  1. I got a CD player as a Christmas present in the 90s. My mum and dad gave me a CD to go with it, one of those generic compilation ones (not even a Now one!). It got listened to a lot because, like you, I couldn't afford to buy any myself. Eventually I bought a few CD singles because they were about £4. Stopped that when I realised it was a total rip off for one song plus 3 that no-one would ever want!

  2. Ha,I remember my dad got me four cds out of Poundstretchers including an Amii Stewart album (her that sang "Knock On Wood" and I listened to it so much I actually started liking it! ;-) Thanks for reading!

  3. Exclamation and tribe perfume before upgrading to body shop white musk! And spending my £1 lunch money (which could buy me a ham salad roll, can of juice and crisps at the time!) on fast forward magazine and 5 packets of take that stickers!!

  4. I was more of a Charlie Red girl myself but Tribe really did smell good! I forgot about Fast Forward magazine!


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