Monday, 1 February 2016


I like that little Facebook Memories function on Facebook. I always get a little giggle at the daily trip down memory lane, seeing what I was up to on that day however many years before. Years of in jokes, friendships and silly pictures at the click of a button . . . it's pretty cool.

However, it can also be a TAD cringeworthy. Because it seems that I used to be an absolute drama queen and use Facebook as a way to showcase this. Even better (or worse) . . . looking back on these updates from the past, I often have no idea now what I was even referring to back then.

Some examples of things I used to do on Facebook which really annoy current me include but are not limited to:

  • The phase I went through where I would share pretty much everything on Facebook - to the point where someone actually messaged me asking if I shared every thought I had on there. I probably did. If I was in a bad/sad mood, you would know all about it. Trust me.

  • Attention seeking status updates - I'd say things like "Paula . . .needs a hug :-(" clearly wanting people to ask me what was wrong. To which I'd probably give a cryptic answer designed to keep people guessing. I probably didn't even realise I was doing it at the time. Well, I probably had an idea, but not full awareness...When I see anyone doing things like that these days it makes me stabby... and this includes seeing past-me's self-pitying updates.

  • And speaking of the cryptic responses if I was particularly annoyed at something someone on facebook had said, either on there or in real life, I'd put an immediately cryptic, passive aggressive status like "Paula is wondering what THAT was supposed to accomplish!" Things like this are SO cryptic and passive aggressive that my memory actually fails me as to what I was so annoyed about.

Even yesterday, I came across one from five years ago where I'd wrote "Well, that's it over then :-(" . . . when I clicked on the comments it turned out I'd actually been sad because Andy Murray had been beaten in the Australian Open. But I had to make it sound like it was something I had been personally affected by until someone actually asked me if I was okay. What an utter fudbucket I was.

Seeing these updates regularly in the memories feature, in amongst much happier times, make me really glad I've got a bit more selective about what I actually share on Facebook in terms of thoughts and feelings.

I don't need to do this on Facebook anymore.

Maybe I've grown as a person?

Or perhaps it's just because I've got twitter and this blog to do it on instead . . .;-)

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