Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Let's face it - my Cheer Me Up Tuesday posts are so few and far between these days that the title of this post is probably quite apt  . . . this probably will be my only CMUT (oh dear - those initials!) post this year.

(Maybe this is not a bad thing. Maybe it means my bad Tuesdays are fewer and far between than they used to be. Yet Tuesday continues to be mainly the worst day of the week. Oh well...)

Anyway, here are some things that have cheered me up this week and will continue to do so today in particular . . .

(Disclaimer: it is fairly Buzzfeed heavy. I make no apologies for this).

  • I love Whole Foods but it is ridiculously expensive. Therefore this compilation of some of the funniest tweets about the store really hit home. . .
  • "27 Worst Things About Going to Stock Photo University" was one of the best things that happened to my week. I giggled my way through it, immediately shared it to Facebook, then made the fella read it too before he even had a chance to stalk me on Facebook and find it for himself.
  • Ever wondered how companies come up with nail polish names? This tongue-in-cheek article about what nail polish colours were called if they were named honestly probably won't enlighten the genuinely curious . . . but it gave me a laugh!
  • I have recently been trying to find some new blogs to read as so many of the ones on my blogroll no longer post anything . . . and the best I've found recently is Vix Meldrew. LOADS of her posts are hilarious but this recent one about things that give her trust issues was one of the funniest - and true! -  posts I've read this weekend.
  • Links done for now! Other things to cheer me up offline? Pancakes today. Those were good. Oh, and I'm on a three day week this week so today is effectively my Thursday night and I have a four day weekend coming up. Plans include burgers at Chequers, hopefully a couple of hours pretending to be a pool shark . . . might even try and bag some charity shop bargains! Oh and sleep. Lots of sleep. Likewise with wine . . .
Anything else to cheer up my Tuesday? Feel free to share!

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