Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Normally I use my Scotland the Beautiful series to focus on a specific area or sight in Scotland . . . today is a wee bit more random as we are taking in a stretch of around 100 miles and spanning a large chunk of the west of Scotland and several glens!

Last weekend we woke to find it was snowing in the west of Scotland. So we decided, after checking to make sure the snow gates weren't closed, to head over to wonderful Fort William for the night. Our timing - and laziness - meant we made our way west through Glen Coe mostly in darkness, but on our journey back towards Glasgow along the A82 road some of the views were absolutely spectacular.

So, without further introduction, I share with you the journey back from Fort William to Glasgow, via Glen Coe and Loch Lomond . . . all accompanied by some of that cold white stuff we call snow! I hope you enjoy even a fraction as much as we enjoyed the journey . . .

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