Sunday, 3 January 2016


So I posted back in November about free castle admission being available over St Andrew's weekend. At the time we snapped up tickets for Linlithgow Palace and Blackness Castle for the Saturday of that weekend. Unfortunately it was one of those days where the weather was shitty and we couldn't get out of bed and ready until the afternoon (probably hungover) - and when we got to Linlithgow we couldn't find  parking space. So we headed to Blackness instead . . . and it was a good 'un!

 The castle juts out onto the Forth, with a lovely view of the Forth Rail Bridge and is in the shape of a ship, which is pretty damn cool.  It also was my favourite type of castle, hundreds of years old with loads of bits and pieces to explore, as well as the aforementioned fab views. You can climb stairs and duck into chimneys, as well as walk along the side of the water - although that day in November that was a bracing walk!

In terms of castles, it's a great one to visit (and if you have kids, they will undoubtedly love being able to explore it), it's got a great history, is fairly easy to get to (Blackness is not far from Linlithgow) and it's relatively cheap for the experience (it's £5.50 for an adult ticket) - so it's got a lot of plus points. I'd also like to thank the woman working there who was so lovely to us and explained more about the castle to us despite knowing we were on free tickets - sometimes people can be weird about that so thank you for putting me at my ease!

I would definitely recommend a wee trip to Blackness Castle - you can find more information on the castle itself here.

And, if you fancy seeing some of the other amazing places and sights Scotland has to hold, why not check out the rest of my Scotland the Beautiful series?


  1. I love castles!! This looks amazing!!

  2. It is probably the coolest one I've been to! I also recommend Caerlaverock Castle near Dumfries if you're ever in the area. Smaller than Blackness, but also very cool.

  3. We went to Blackness on the free day a couple of years ago - now we have passes and have never bothered to go back! I love the Falls of Bruar too, you've been loads of cool places! :)

  4. Those are gorgeous photos and I love Scotland though I've not been there. Wonderful! I have not read those books and the one I recently finished reading was more of a spiritual or self-help type of book.

  5. What a wonderful place to visit . I love the photo's. =)

  6. Elise - oh you should definitely go back, especially if you have passes now!

    Scott - you definitely need to come to Scotland, pictures do not do it justice!

    Louise - thank you so much!


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