Tuesday, 26 January 2016


I love Instagram. Love posting it, love stalking people on it, love looking at food pics on it. Maybe a little TOO much.

It does pose a lot of first world problems though...

or, in this case #FirstWorldINSTAGRAMProblems . . . ;-)

  • Taking a picture of a lovely view but the view is somewhere without a signal - how are you going to post it?

  • Having to take the prettier portion of food for yourself so you can take a picture of it. (And it'll probably go cold in the meantime.)

  • When your boyfriend confiscates your glass of wine because he wants it in an arty picture of your alcohol. Even though you're probably in Wetherspoons.
(Disclaimer: THIS particular one wasn't actually taken in a 'Spoons. But most of the time it would be...)
(Photo credit for this one goes to @sbailz74 . . . thanks fella!)

  • If you didn't take a picture of it, it didn't happen.

  • A picture of your sister's kitten you posted gets more likes than any selfie you have ever posted of yourself. That's not a kick in the teeth at all.

To be fair, she is absolutely gorgeous!
  • No matter what filter you use, it's still blatantly obvious you're drunk. (And the cat pic is definitely going to get more likes than that.)

  • You get serious ab envy from looking at all of the fitness related posts. All the time. Forever.

  • Thanks to all the food pictures you look at, you are constantly hungry. Forever. (Which is slightly counterproductive in the quest for abs.)

  • Vegetables never look as inviting in real life as they do on instagram.

  • And finally, as far as I'm aware, no one is running Instagrammers Anonymous meetings yet and it may soon be necessary. For me...

Do you have any first world instagram problems to share?

(Oh, and feel free to join me on Instagram  - and Twitter too, where I originally posted some of this content -  I'm pollypoptart on both sites... #shamelessplug)

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  1. aaaah how true this is! Instagram nightmares. Does your instagram have a theme? No? Well how very dare you! If you want to be in the cool kids clique, you need to have a theme... flat lay everything... put a white colour overlay on everything... only post in black and white....


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