Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Breakfast on the go can be a difficult one, can't it? I don't know about anyone else, but while I have time to cook up something hot and delicious on the weekend (ideas here, just sayin') I simply don't have time to do the same thing during the working week!
White chocolate overnight oats, topped with coconut yogurt
So when one of my friends told me about overnight oats a year or two ago I was intrigued by the idea I could have something relatively healthy that I could a) prepare in advance and b) take in and eat easily at my desk without any fuss. Instagram quickly confirmed this was actually a pretty popular idea and I was converted!
So what are overnight oats? Well, their name pretty much sums them up! Just soak your oats overnight in the fridge, add whatever toppings you want in the morning then go.

It's so straightforward. You just mix 40g of oats up with 40ml of milk - I like to use coconut or almond milk as regular milk is sadly not my friend anymore. Then the world is your oyster!

  • I will often use a sachet of low calorie hot chocolate to flavour mine up, which works an absolute treat. My favourites are praline, white chocolate or orange chocolate - all a lovely little treat in the morning!
  • Alternatively you could add some sort of nut butter and melted berries to create a "peanut butter and jam" effect.
  • Cacao powder and chia seeds create a healthy "raw" option (incidentally chia seeds are also great at thickening overnight oats in general).
  • Or you could try the I Quit Sugar Carrot Cake overnight oat whip! (recipe here and picture below! I tried this one last week for the first time and despite the long list of healthy ingredients, it was surprisingly delicious!)
Carrot cake whip overnight oats
  • As an alternative to milk, you can use a tub of Muller Light - loads of flavours to choose from there! The toffee flavour, various fruit flavours and coconut with a hint of lime will all go down a treat when mixed in (or layered!) with the oats. My most recent experiment was the below - after dinner mint layered overnight oats topped with an after dinner mint I got after dinner in an Indian restaurant a few nights ago. Simple, pretty and delicious!
After dinner mint overnight oats

They're so portable too! You can stick them in a tupperware box or, to look trendy on the cheap, just stick them in an old (clean!) jar.

Great wee brekkie on the go!

Do you like overnight oats? What's your favourite flavour if so?


  1. I used to make overnight oats all the time last year but got out of the habit of it!
    This post has totally jogged my memory of how delicious they are, so much so I'm off to the kitchen to try out your muller light suggestion now!!


    KT xo.

  2. I'd definitely recommend trying it with one of the Muller Lights Kirsty! Dying to get a hold of the peanut and caramel muller light as I think that would be amazing in overnight oats... hopefully I'll get to try it eventually, haha! Thanks for commenting. :-) x

  3. This is something I've been wanting to try for ages. I have a question though: does it have the same taste and texture as porridge? I do like oats, in museli, and oatcakes. I just can't stand the texture of porridge!

  4. It has a similar texture... but a different flavour depending on what you use! ;-) I'd recommend giving it a wee go anyway x


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