Thursday, 24 December 2015


Happy Christmas Eve, folks! Can you believe it's came around again already?

For an early Christmas present, I've decided to give you yet another post from my Scotland the Beautiful series . . . this is a place we finally visited in September of this year, after driving past the road for it many times and writing it off due to bad weather. Amazingly we chose the perfect day for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . Glen Etive.

There are peaks and troughs, earth and waterfalls . . .  and a lovely little loch at the end of your drive. What more can you ask for?

If you're heading towards Fort William via Glen Coe, it's a nice little trip to add on if visibility is good. You'll start to see signs before you get to Glen Coe and then you hang left and into a glorious valley.

He strikes a bonny pose, eh?

That loch but . . .

Love a wee loch pose, so I do.

Maybe you haven't heard of Glen Etive before now? But is that a bad thing?

I'd recommend you get to know it.

Maybe you already know it more than you think . . . apparently it featured in the James Bond film "Skyfall". So perhaps you've seen it before and you just didn't realise!!!

Some more info about the glen and its attractions can be found here and here.

And if you haven't previously checked out some of the hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems I've found in Scotland over the past few years, please don't hesitate to check them out here.  I promise there's some good 'uns there! ;-)

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