Thursday, 19 November 2015


Check out that view!
For my 36th (!!!) birthday pressie, the fella got me a 2 night stay in Kinloch Rannoch. It's a small village in Perthshire, a village I've never been to before... and it was lovely waking up by a loch in a remote wild area. (Incidentally, I would really love to live next to a loch... if one appeared in Glasgow city centre!) I'd definitely recommend a trip there if you can do it at any point!

Anyway, we continued on our quest for waterfalls one of the days by visiting The Falls of Bruar near to Pitlochry.

The Falls of Bruar are waterfalls next to the posh shopping complex House of Bruar... they are basically the only free thing in the area, but probably the most beautiful. ;-) I can't help but feel that the House of Bruar is trying to dissuade people from experiencing the beauty of the falls because it seems awkward to actually get to the start of the walk, although it is signposted. It is worth the awkwardness though.

As you know, I'm not a fan of autumn, but the autumnal colours on that particular afternoon were incredible.


Lovely colours, gorgeous views, and beautiful falls... what more do you need! Find out more here.

Oh, and Kinloch Rannoch itself also has a waterfall right in the middle of the village, so we got an accidental bonus waterfall during our trip. Look!!!

More information on the Loch Rannoch walk can be found here . . .

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