Thursday, 12 November 2015


I know there are people out there who love Christmas. I'm actually one of them. I love the build-up, I love the anticipation, I love the Christmas films, the Christmas songs, the excuse to drink mulled wine at any given opportunity . . . I even love the overhyped overpriced Christmas nights out that tend to cost twice the price for a fraction of the choice and service!

But here's the thing . . . I do NOT like the fact that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier ever year. That Christmas is in the shops while I'm still trying to buy suncream to go on my traditional "birthday holiday" in early October. That I'm actually sick of the constant jingling bells of Christmas songs before it even gets to December.

I'm not a scrooge by any means, I'm really not. But I just want Christmas to not be taking up a big chunk of my year each and every year. It's enough that it pretty much dominates December. It's too exhausting to take up any more than one calendar month.

And I'm still not accepting that it's no longer summer as it is - I seem to be missing the blogger gene of loving autumn - I really don't want to be talking about Christmas already. That's like proper winter and we didn't even get a decent SUMMER here this year. Enough.

Can we just start Christmas in December like the good old days? Please?


  1. Agreed! I hate hate hate cold weather. As much as I love Christmas, it brings snow with it (since it's winter and all). I went to my mom's house last night and noticed that there was a house near hers that already has their Christmas lights up! It's much too early for that yet.


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