Monday, 9 November 2015


Yum.... cheese and wine!!!

A couple of weeks ago, the fella and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. As you probably know, this is the longest relationship I have ever been in (as well as by far the happiest) so of course this was a big celebration for me. Involving a hotel stay (of course) and a present.

So the hotel stay was sorted - we booked a night at the Village Hotel in Aberdeen. Actually really nice - reasonably priced for a stay, although it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere so we ended up spending quite a lot on food and drink in the bar there. But a lovely stay nonetheless. (Not a sponsored post, btw!)

Was I very thirsty or very sleepy? Not sure...

Dinner in the hotel

But what about the present? Well, I had spotted a voucher deal on the booking website for a cheeseboard and wine flight at Vroni's in Glasgow. This deal had also been available last summer and we'd loved it, so I snapped this up as a gift, printed out the voucher and stuck it in the card.

So he opened his card and was delighted with the voucher, but laughing... why? All became clear when I opened my card to find the below . . .

We'd only gone and bought each other the exact same gift!
So not only do we both love cheese and wine, but we are clearly meant to be. :-)
So now our next issue is trying to work out how to fit in using both of these deals before the end of November. We've managed to fit one in so far . . . just one more to go! 

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