Tuesday, 29 September 2015


At the start of July this year, the fella and I decided to go and stay in Campbeltown for the weekend. Around a three hour drive from Glasgow, Campbeltown sits on the Kintyre peninsula and neither of us had been around to it before, so it seemed like the ideal destination for us. And we do like a peninsula . . .

The drive takes in many pretty sights, which makes the three hours seem much faster. Well unless you get stuck behind a timber lorry like we did. You see Loch Lomond and Loch Long amongst other views, as well as driving along the Rest and Be Thankful road, which is one of my favourites.

Once we arrived, I found myself being groped by one of the local old men within ten minutes of entering one of the pubs, so that was nice. :-/ Luckily the only way was up from there!

Campbeltown itself was very pretty, pervy old man aside, with a nice selection of pubs and restaurants. And there's actually quite a lot to see in the surrounding area!

Below is Davaar Island, which is a tidal island only accessible by a shingle causeway, depending on the tide. We couldn't time it right. Oh, and I was optimistically wearing sandals... which apparently were not recommended to walk in. Oh well... I know for next time. I'd like to go across though. There's a cave which has a life-size painting of the crucifixion, for a start. As well as numerous other caves.

Ailsa Craig, from the other side!

The sheep rule the road

Boyfriend was delighted to find a cave elsewhere though, in the form of the Keil Caves. He likes a good cave.

I was not quite as impressed by it. You can probably tell.

And then we decided to go to the Mull of Kintyre, just so we could see if Paul McCartney had been making a fuss about nothing.

Unfortunately the Mull of Kintyre had decided to become invisible for the day. It was somewhat misty, as you can see from the next couple of pictures.

So misty in fact that my hair actually went frizzy from the damp air.

And so misty that the sheep in the below picture look really scary and a bit like ghost sheep!

We abandoned the Mull of Kintyre mission and drove back the way we had came. Luckily the mist hadn't affected some of the other views, like this pretty beach. We could almost have been abroad and it seemed like the Mull must be in a different world...

We headed back to Campbeltown for dinner and the inevitable accompanying drinks, to find much improved weather!

The following day we started making the journey back to Glasgow, via Tarbert. Luckily, despite the odd shower, the weather favoured us again and we were able to get some more pretty pictures!

Posing in Tarbert!
 All in all, with the exception of the misty Mull of Kintyre, it was a successful weekend. I'd definitely recommend a trip to the Kintyre peninsula, if you haven't been before! You can get a ferry over there too, but I would advise driving at least one direction so you get to take in The Rest and be Thankful. Look how pretty!

You can find out more information about the area here.

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