Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Considering I actually don't earn bad money in my job, I constantly seem to be skint. And while there are things I'm happy to spend money on - wine, Dominos and dresses being among my top favourite ways to spend my hard-earned cash - there are just as many things I do resent that I have to use my money on. Let's explore:

  • Sanitary products - I don't even think I need to go into this one, and why I resent having to pay for these. GUYS don't have to buy them. Why should we?
  • Contact lenses - I'm short-sighted and vain. So I need to buy contact lenses regularly. And cleaner. I want to be able to see but people with perfect eyesight get to see for free, and I have to pay! How is that fair?
  • Black tights - I constantly seem to be buying these. They constantly end up either going missing, or with ladders in them. (One day recently I actually had to go home on my lunch to get a spare pair as mine had developed a ladder all down one leg in the space of 5 minutes!) But I don't particularly want to have to subject the world to my bare white legs, so paying money for them on a regular basis appears to be a necessary evil.
  • Council tax - probably not a surprise. Does anyone actually NOT resent paying council tax? My other bills I view as necessary evils - if I want a roof above my head, central heating and the internet, I'm willing (albeit reluctantly) to fork out for these. But I don't feel like I get much bang for my buck with council tax. Most of the time we don't even get our bins emptied, which always feels like the main purpose of that extra money!
  • Make-up - this might be the surprising one on the list. I don't mind buying make-up that I don't need... for example if I decided randomly one day I was going to try pink eyeshadow and see if it actually DOESN'T make me look like I have conjunctivis, then fair enough, I'm happy to buy it. But if it's a NECESSARY purchase - like I've ran out of foundation unexpectedly and I don't actually WANT to look dead to the world - then I resent it.
  • Weekend supplements on voucher deals - Here follows a typical internal monologue in my head whenever I check my emails:  "Oh look, there's a really good deal on wowcher/groupon/ here. You can get a 200 pound room for 120 pounds instead and it's available on weekends too. Oh... except you have to pay an extra 80 pounds if you want it on a Friday or Saturday night." What a money-saver...
  • Any type of household cleaning product - I hate cleaning so why would I be happy forking out money for cleaning products? Unless the product is some sort of robot who will do my cleaning FOR me, then I'm not interested.
  • To check-in your baggage - I don't actually like going on holiday with purely carry-on luggage. I like to check my luggage in and not worry that I've went over my liquid allowance. Budget airlines with their extra money for storing your luggage makes me actually angry - resentful isn't even the word. It's right up there with the aforementioned weekend supplements... if adding the luggage onto my cheap flight makes it the same price as a BA one . . . then I'd rather just fly BA instead. Well, to be honest I'd rather just fly BA anyway...
What do YOU resent paying for?

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  1. I resent many of these too, particularly the sanitary products.

    Another thing I'd add to my own list is gas. I don't live near where I hope to work, so it's a bit of a commute each day. It seems like I'm always having to buy gas at the most inconvenient times, like when I'm short on cash.


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