Saturday, 1 August 2015


Let's talk about eyebrows.

Some people have bad hair days. I'm one of those. Repeatedly. But my bad eyebrow days are far more frequent and far worse.

I have extreme eyebrow envy of anyone with good eyebrows. Is eyebrow envy even a thing? Who knows, but if it isn't, I have just invented it, so for anyone who also suffers from inferior eyebrows and covets the eyebrows of others... you're welcome. ;-)

So let me give you the history of my eyebrows. Basically I started off, at a younger age, with more eyebrows than I have now. Not much more, and they were always lighter than my natural medium/dark brown hair colour, but I did have eyebrows. Honest! Look!!! They were thick(ish) but sort of sparse.

Me at my first communion. When I had sort of eyebrows.

So anyways I got into my teens and decided I hated my eyebrows. And then I did something YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER DO. I used hair removal cream on them. It didn't burn or anything - I was lucky. And my eyebrows looked pretty fierce in terms of what was acceptable in terms of eyebrows in the 90s. Basically pencil thin. Never quite symmetrical but even from the pic above I can see they were never really symmetrical. It's just a bit less obvious when your eyebrows are in their natural state.

A couple of years ago we got professional photos done for work. They were horrendous, but the one thing I did like was the fact the make-up artist drew my eyebrows in thicker and darker and they actually looked pretty good. Ever since I've tried to recreate this with no success.

Obviously not one of the professional pictures... but my eyebrow game looked strong...

Most days I have a near-nervous breakdown trying to make my eyebrows presentable. It usually involves at least ten minutes, several hundred sweary words and occasionally even tears. I regularly have to effectively rub them out and start again, and usually just end up thinking "fuck it, these will have to do."

There's a well known saying, probably coined by someone in Ancient Greece (I jest - it's just something I've noticed on Instagram a few times) that you shouldn't take advice from someone with bad eyebrows. But I can't help it.

And I also think I give pretty good advice, regardless of my eyebrows. Honestly...

Does anyone else have eyebrow issues? Surely I'm not the only one...

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  1. Growing up, I never paid much attention to the whole eyebrow situation. Then I went to beauty school and quickly learned that mine were not acceptable. They had no real shape to them. While not exactly bushy brows, each hair is long and thick. I thought that if I tried to shape them up a bit, all would be good. I overplucked them and now they're sparse. I have to pencil mine in now too, and once in awhile I'll come home and discover that I've only got half a brow on one side because I accidentally rubbed the other half off somehow. Not a pretty picture!

    One side always seems to come out looking better than the other. That side will look amazing. The other side doesn't ever match, even though I try so hard.

    So yeah, I definitely feel your pain!


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