Tuesday, 7 July 2015


There are little certainties in life . . . but one thing you can pretty much always guarantee is "The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond" being played near the end of a Scottish wedding reception. In my case, it even happened at my godmother's 50th birthday party. It's a great song, a great tradition . . . and its namesake is a fantastic place. One of my very favourite places, both in Scotland and in the world!

It's only a short drive away from Glasgow, which is something I'm very thankful for because I find that looking at it instantly makes me feel calmer and happier. It's so beautiful, and given the size of it, there are many places to stop and admire the view around the loch, from man-made viewpoints to tiny beaches

Boyfriend on one of the many aforementioned beaches. :-)

Just look! Look at it! Isn't it bee-yootiful?

(I'd also like to point out that no filters have been used in the taking of these photographs. Just sayin'...That's how bloody lovely this place is naturally!)

It's gorgeous no matter the weather. But it is best in the sunshine, be that the summer (see pics above) or the winter (pics below). Back in the winter we stayed over in Inverbeg. We found a little beach and, wrapped up with a flask of ginger wine . . . I mean, SOUP, hot soup, honest . . . we sat and just watched the loch in all its beauty. And skimmed stones. Well, HE did. I tried, failed and probably had a strop about it.

And yet another beautiful beach!

But it's just such an awesome place. I mean . . . look at this pics. Is there really a more beautiful place just miles from a bustling city centre? Personally I struggle to think of any examples.

Then again, I'm probably biased . . .

You may want to visit here for more information. Or, alternatively, you could just go to Loch Lomond itself right now!

Where is your favourite place in Scotland (or place you most want to visit)? Feel free to share in the comments.

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