Sunday, 1 February 2015


It might just be a unique quirk of mine, but I love wind farms. I know some people consider them eyesores but I genuinely think they are strangely beautiful. The Whitelee wind farm up near Eaglesham and East Kilbride is no exception, and is my very favourite!

We've visited a couple of times, and the weather has been different each time, from unseasonably sunny during the Easter weekend last year, to snowy and cold yesterday... the one weather feature that is always, inevitably, present during our visits has been the wind!

It looks amazing in the snow - I'm glad we popped up there!

BUT, it also looks lovely without snow! I love it.

For more information on Whitelee you can visit their website here.

Do you like wind farms or think they're an eyesore?

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  1. I like them, there's quite a few in Yorkshire where I grew up. While I can understand why folk wouldn't want them in areas of natural beauty (there's a bit of an argument about them in the Lake District at the moment), I find them quite majestic!


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