Sunday, 15 February 2015


Time for another instalment of "Scotland the Beautiful" . . . and this time we are in Glen Nevis for a visit to the Steall Falls!

Last year after our overnight stay in Ardtorna, we ended up in Glen Nevis on the search for Steall Falls, which is the second highest waterfall in Scotland. Sadly it was a bit late for us to start a proper search for it, but we fell in love with the glen itself and vowed to go back and find the falls very soon.

It took us nearly a year but this weekend we finally managed it!

I have to admit, seeing this sign before embarking on our walk did somewhat freak me out.

It is probably a good idea to have a warning though:unfortunately there have been a number of deaths at the site. Although, for a worrier like me, it was probably not a necessary caution, and immediately made me rethink any desire to actually visit the falls. But we persevered!

So off we wandered, into a beautiful tree-filled gorge with a rocky path. Very rocky at times. Scarily so for me, as there was a big drop on one side and I am not great with heights. There were a couple of points where you have to basically clamber over a mini waterfall with a sheer drop to your right, and this was not something I was enjoying at all!

Luckily the worst part of the walk was the first 20 minutes or so and then the path levelled off into another glen and I could stop panicking about falling over the edge to my death!  And the views were beautiful!


When we finally reached them, the falls were beautiful and I was glad I hadn't turned back (although I was still dreading the walk back!)

There was a wire bridge you could use to cross the water and get closer to the falls themselves. The boyfriend dealt with this admirably. I, however, apparently have too short arms for it. I managed to clamber up and then realised there was no way I'd be able to reach both wires to hold on while navigating over the sole wire for your feet. No chance of that. So I just stood on it and posed instead, like one does!


Despite my fears, we also managed to make it back to the car in one piece - it was mostly easier getting back down than it was getting back up. I just wish I'd put my polar hrm on before the walk because I'm fairly sure I burned about a million calories on the walk - a good wee workout for a Saturday afternoon!

 If you are in the Fort William area and fancy a walk I would definitely recommend this one as it's worth it for the end view. However bear in mind you should be wearing decent footwear (for the record, UGGs probably aren't the best of choices - I speak from experience!) and if you are not good with heights you might struggle at some points.

More information about the area can be found here.

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