Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Healthy. Sigh...

I love food in most forms. I'll be honest though - I probably spend longer thinking about eating the Pollo della Rotunda from La Rotunda (look at it, though!!!)  than I do about eating healthy protein, veg and fruit... I tend to eat the healthy stuff so I can enjoy my treats with a bit less guilt.

So I decided to give the 5:2 Diet a go.

For those not in the know and/or have been hiding under a rock unexposed to any diet chat for a loooong time, this is the diet where you spend two days a week limiting yourself to 500 calories but can (within reason) eat whatever the feck you want the other five days. Well, that's the general gist of it anyway!

This sounded ideal to me. If also a little terrifying. I am RUBBISH at sticking to diets longterm as I spend too much time thinking about all the foods I can't or shouldn't have. The beauty of the 5:2 diet is that if you are craving something that might be considered bad for you, all you need to do is tell yourself you can have it tomorrow when you're not on a "fast day".

The downside, for me so far, are the fast days.

And I've only actually done one of these so far.

I started yesterday. I was very enthusiastic beforehand, as I am with all diets. I planned my calorie intake down to the last detail, keeping it simple and making sure I would be avoiding the Kitchen of Temptation (trademark pending) as much as possible by buying an M&S healthy ready meal worth 301 calories. The remaining calories would be spent on Weetabix, almond milk and a low calorie pot of jelly, as well as numerous fruit teas and diet soft drink.

I woke up yesterday morning raring to go. I jumped out of bed (or got out very slowly after hitting snooze five million times, as is my usual routine) and started getting ready for work. Within ten minutes I felt hungry, which is not usually the case until later on in the morning. Typical. I think my brain was playing mind games with me, knowing I wasn't planning on eating very much.

The hungry feeling, however, passed and I lasted until half ten before giving in and having my Weetabix. I had hoped to get out for a walk at lunchtime in order to distract myself for the lack of lunch. However, the weather let me down. So I was limited to sitting in the boyfriend's car looking forlornly at pictures of food on Instagram while he ate a sandwich. :-(

Two litres of water and a diet Irn Bru got me through most of the day as well as a busy working day, but I was relieved to get home. I was trying to put off eating my M&S curry as long as possible, but then my boyfriend started reading an article online about the best places to eat in Glasgow and the pictures looked so delicious that I started trying to eat his iPad so I realised I could wait no longer to eat.

I put it on a small plate, ate slowly, tried not to be distracted by social media or tv, all that jazz... it still felt like the meal was over too quickly and I was still hungry. And I went to put on the washing machine and even the Daz tablets smelled delicious and potentially edible.... I wondered if I could really manage this. Luckily my stomach apparently was taking a while to catch up with my brain so after a bit of willpower,  my hunger abated and I managed to delay eating my jelly for several hours. There was one point, after dinner, though, where I realised it wasn't even seven pm yet and wondered aloud how I would make it until bedtime at this rate!

I whiled away the rest of the evening reading recipes online for inspiration for something I could eat today. (It might have been torture for some but for me it actually helped!) I also managed to make up some cacao overnight oats for today's breakfast without putting my face in the tub... although it was tempting.

I went to bed actually feeling not hungry at all in the end, and remembering that today I could eat whatever I wanted. Which I did.

And the next fast day is Thursday, and I fully intend to continue.

Whether I lose weight or not on this particular diet is another story... but at the moment this seems like a good way to have my cake and eat it too.

Just not on a fast day obviously . . .

Anyone else tried the 5:2 Diet or intermittent fasting?


  1. I may just try this! Where do you get the cacao?

  2. Just in Whole Foods in Giffnock!


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