Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Passwords do my head in.

I know, I KNOW, they are there to safeguard us, for stopping people hacking into our email, or internet banking, to stop them accessing the finer details of our lives. But at the same time... THEY ARE SO BLOODY ANNOYING!

So we're told we should have different passwords for everything. That we should NEVER EVER EVER write them down in case someone finds them. But how else can we keep track? When you have fifty million social networking sites to log into on a daily basis, as well as numerous programs in work, not to mention your email, utilities accounts, aforementioned internet banking . . . how are we possibly meant to remember different passwords for everything?

Recently it's got even worse. It used to irritate me beyond belief when you couldn't just put a word as a password - my god, imagine the nerve of trying to put an actual WORD there. You had to add in at least one number. And perhaps a capital letter.

But now . . . I'm finding increasingly that you have to have a small letter, a capital, a number... AND A PUNCTUATION MARK? This gets difficult enough to try to remember - but then add in regular prompts to change your password and you get to the point where trying to actually get access to any of your online accounts is like trying to pass a challenge in the Crystal Maze.

I lock myself out of one of my work-related accounts at least once a fortnight. And sometimes trying to retrieve my password or get it reset is even harder. I have one account that asks me THREE SECURITY QUESTIONS every time I forget the password - and I forget the password every time I try to log into it so this means every time I try to access this account I have to go through this rigmarole. And it's the one I use to access my payslip so it's not like I can just avoid logging into it altogether.

What I really need is a special safe where I can store all of my passwords, that I am the only one who has access to, so that I will always be able to remember them.

The problem is . . . I would probably forget the password to get into the password safe.

And then it's back to square one . . .


  1. Haha so true. It gets SO annoying. Sometimes I try too hard to be clever with the answers of my security questions and then can't even remember those!

  2. I hate passwords. I have passwords for my blog, emails, apps I use with my blog. Then I have over 8 passwords for work stuff which we have to memorise. Passwords are EVIL!

  3. I have to change my work computer and phone passwords all the time. And they have to be something different every time. It's so frustrating!!


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