Thursday, 20 November 2014


Okay, so I'm totally paraphrasing the title from a Friends quote . . . you know the one? Where Monica and Chandler are on honeymoon but keep getting usurped for all the perks of BEING on honeymoon by the same couple just in front of them all the time?

I feel like that a lot. Not in terms of a coupley way. Just that someone always seems to get to something right before I get there. Like basically the second I show an interest in something, someone else spots that interest and tries to jump right in there first.

Nothing interesting, nothing scandalous. I'm talking the banal stuff in life here, but that's what probably makes it all the more annoying!

For example, say I need a cash machine. I can see that one empty cash machine in the vicinity, winking away at me like a mirage in the middle of a dessert as I walk towards it. No one in front of it, no queue . . . until I'm approximately 5 paces away when some absolute BASTARD just materialises in front of it. And more than likely still has to pull their purse/wallet from the depths of their bag, before they proceed to pull out all five of their cards to check their balance on each and every one. When my transaction would have taken me a mere thirty seconds . . . suddenly a five minute wait is tacked on to the start of it.

The queue in Partick station . . . where they inexplicably only ever open one window for train tickets and don't have a machine you can use as an alternative. You can guarantee if you are in a rush for the train, the one person who materialises in front of you will be the person who is trying to buy the all-around-the-UK ticket and trying to pay for it in one and two pence coins. While wearing mittens.

The empty bar that suddenly becomes busy the second you reach it when you're gagging for a drink. The only other person in the shop who beats you to the only shelf in Superdrug where you could find relief for your dodgy stomach. Then proceeds to just stand there while you writhe in agony behind them, cursing them for life.

Worst of all, the person who walked into the chip shop two paces in front of you... who then gets the last available chips so you have to wait extra time for the next lot to be cooked. (Although the one advantage there is at least you get the freshly made ones, I suppose.)

This can't be just the story of MY life surely???


  1. Oh, boy. You're not the only one! Story of my life too sometimes!! It's never a fast, efficient person in front of us is it?


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