Sunday, 30 November 2014


As you probably already know, me and the boyf like to get out and about in Scotland. So when himself heard that many of Historic Scotland's attractions were going to have limited free tickets available this weekend due to St Andrew's day, we decided to try and visit a few.

Although I had never heard of it, I spotted Caerlaverock Castle on the online map with available tickets and snapped up a pair for us. We ended up getting a bit carried away and getting tickets for another two attractions too - it was a bit like Groupon for castles really, except without having to pay anything at all!

Caerlaverock Castle was my favourite though. I wish my pictures could have did it justice, but the pesky sun kept getting in my way, and my phone kept deciding to switch itself off.

Located close to Dumfries and close to the Scottish-English border, Caerlaverock Castle has been subjected to many sieges throughout its history, and has lain abandoned since the 17th century. Obviously, not all of the castle is still there, but the part that remains was pretty cool to explore.

Pretending to shoot the cannon outside the entrance to the castle

A view of another part of the castle, from inside the castle

There was even a moat!

Obviously we got in for free, but its normally only £5.50 for an adult, and I actually do think it would be worth the fee if you wanted to visit! There's lots of little nooks and crannies to wander around, a little walk you can do to the site of the original version of the castle behind, and a wee exhibit and video you can watch about the castle's history. Although we were there a bit later on in the day and there weren't many visitors at this point, there were a couple of kids having a great time inside the castle playing hide and seek, so it's good for the youngsters as well. (Just make sure they don't fall in the moat!)
For more information, you can visit Historic Scotland's website here.
What's your favourite old building?

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