Saturday, 24 May 2014


Last summer I posted a random music video I'd fallen in love with, thanks to appearances of the song on such highbrow entertainment as "Made in Chelsea" and "Hollyoaks". This was the song:

After my first introduction to Clean Bandit, I went searching for their other tunes on youtube and was so impressed with their sound, a bit of a fusion of dance music and classical music. I hadn't really heard anything like this before and became a bit obsessed with a lot of their other songs too.

Thankfully, since then they have hit the big time since their single "Rather Be" hit number one earlier this year. So, when I found out in February that they would be coming to Glasgow earlier this month I immediately jumped online to grab some tickets for it. Considering I had bought them back in February, I was a bit stressed out by early May when I still hadn't received them - the gig was on the 8th and I was already stressing enough about the fact we had a very early morning wake-up to catch our flight to Corfu the following day! When I contacted the ticket company they said the tickets hadn't been printed yet (this was on Tuesday and the gig was on the Thursday, so this was extra worrying) but they'd arrange for them to be left at the door. (I was wondering how this would be possible if they hadn't yet been printed two days before!) I had actually convinced myself we would get to the venue and the tickets wouldn't be there - I would have been absolutely GUTTED! - but luckily it all worked out and the tickets were there as planned. Phew. Anyway, if you ever get the chance to see Clean Bandit live, I would thoroughly recommend you do so. The performance was electric and full of so much energy, and even the songs I didn't already know I already loved on first listen. As the encore performance, before the inevitable "Rather Be" was played, they even did a cover of the old dance classic "Show Me Love" by Robyn S. AMAZING! I'm so looking forward to seeing what else the band have up their sleeve for future releases!

PS I'm no music critic, but I just love this band so much I can't help but rave about them! Apologies for gushing. ;-)

Anyone else a fan?


  1. I've never heard of this group but I liked these videos! They're playing near me in a few weeks, if tickets are reasonable maybe I'll go check them out! =)


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