Wednesday, 24 July 2013


So on Monday I read a tweet that fellow blogger Lillies & Love had posted - she had wrote a blog post about how she was going to try and revamp her body in one month and was looking for people to join her in this. And since my health kick had TECHNICALLY started on Monday anyway, I decided to join in.

So #WhaletoWow (you can follow the hashtag on twitter) has began now with several of us bloggers trying to motivate and encourage each other to lose some weight. I'm feeling very positive about this because the LAST time I lost any significant amount of weight it was with the support of some bloggers about three years ago . . . doing something in a group seems to make it so much easier!

So here goes . . . I'm going to try and stick to putting my daily food and exercise into my myfitnesspal app, I'm going to try and cut down on my downfalls, the three Cs (cava, cheese and chocolate) and I'm going to do my best to up the exercise. I'm going back to the 30 day ab challenge I was doing back in May, which I gave up after day 13, and I'm going to throw in the squat challenge too, despite hating squats. And I am trying to make use of my kettlebell and dumbbells etc more. Right now I'm using my yoga mat as a rug, but earlier I WAS actually exercising on it. I promise!

I'm not saying the three Cs won't feature in my life this month at all. That would be incredibly unrealistic of me, as I am quite literally the girl who always wants what she can't have. But I am DEFINITELY going to cut back on them to see if I can make some serious changes in the way I look.

Ideally, I want to see a difference in a month's time. Let's do this shit!

Anyone else on a health kick?


  1. I've been trying to eat better. I tend to feel bloated most days, which I hate. I really need to start exercising though.

  2. BIG GOOD LUCK VIBES TO YOU! I know you can do it. Plus you're a tiny thing, you don't have much to even lose! I'm not feeling motivated lately. I've been on the treadmill but sort of half assedly. It will recommence shortly though with gusto. Why is wine and cheese so fattening? THIS IS UNFAIR. Good luck! :)

  3. A big fat Yey for health kicks! I'm still doing my Revolt thing - well, somewhat. I've swapped their foods for my own meal plans. But the workouts are still kicking my ass!

    Think it's a good time to be on a health kick - the scorching sunshine outside doesn't really scream "cheeseburger and fries"; it's actually easy to shovel salad in your mouth these days!

    Only bad thing? Spending hours in the kitchen on a Sunday, prepping foods for the week... Major BORE!


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