Wednesday, 19 June 2013


So I got my stuff back - phone, purse (money still there) and even my brolly!

Nice to know that sometimes humanity prevails.

The guy's friend text one of my friends from my own phone yesterday, probably about an hour after I had given up on it and was about to cancel everything. (yes, I should have cancelled everything immediately but I had been monitoring the phone and money situation online all along, and had I cancelled my phone sooner then the guy would have had no way of getting in touch with me as he had lost his OWN phone!) He said he had my phone and wanted to make sure it got back to me. So my friend drove me over after work last night.

I didn't even remember the guy's friend even being there on Friday night, which I feel really bad about cos he seemed like a decent guy, and seemed to have taken on all of the responsibility of getting my stuff back to me, and taken it pretty seriously at that.

Unlike the guy who fucking left me in the situation without my belongings by rushing me out in the middle of the night. I made sure I mentioned that to his friend in the brief conversation we had when I picked up my stuff from him.

In the meantime, guess who text me again? Ferry Guy. Had a feeling that might happen. A random text came through at midday yesterday according to the phone, but I have a feeling it was probably actually sent on Saturday when he was through in Glasgow for the Stone Roses (I had even said to my friend on Saturday as we headed down to a wedding that I thought he might get in contact with me - but I obviously wouldn't get it due to my missing phone.) I possibly shouldn't have voiced that in a text as I never got a reply to that, but I wanted to make my scepticism clear. Plus it's only been a month and a half - didn't we agree six months?

Fuck it though . . . I'm actually pretty much given up on guys for now. I'll never become a nun but I just actually CANNOT BE BOTHERED right now. Just been mucked around by too many of them. Let's just concentrate on getting myself moved and settled in to my new place.

Only THEN will I focus on finding someone to help me "christen" it.

I joke!

Well, sort of . . .

In other news . . . this is my current favourite can't-get-it-out-of-my-head song. Just thought I'd share in the hope that I might pass it on virus style. (I can't stop listening to it - it's ridiculously catchy!)


  1. Glad you got it back. Was the friend cute? :)

  2. YAY!!! I really didn't think you'd get any of it back, so glad you did! Yes, was the friend cute?

  3. Yaaaaay! So glad you managed to get your belongings back. There is nothing more nerve wracking than losing your phone/purse.

    Good luck for the move x


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