Friday, 28 June 2013

10 YEARS . . .

On the 20th July 2003, I packed up all my belongings in my previous flat and had my sister and her boyfriend (now her husband) drive me to a flatshare in the west end of Glasgow. (A place I had always wanted to live, from back in the days when my uni was in the area, yet I still lived at home and had to make sure I left all the parties and nights out early to get the last train home.)

It's weird to think how much has happened since then. A mere week after moving in here, I got together with my first proper boyfriend. The one I (rather belatedly) lost my virginity to a few months later.  A year or so later, I cried over him in this flat. Several times, over 2004 and 2005 in fact, as we went on a break, came off the break, broke up again, had ex sex which I thought meant something, and then discovered he was seeing someone else, which hurt me once again. That was obviously a taste of things to come.

And there were many tears spilled in this flat. A lot over boys. Several different boys. Flings, affairs, relationships... they all happened while I lived here. There's been a lot of boy drama. Lots of highs, lots of lows, lots of doubts, and lots of points where I've felt so unbelievably content and at peace that I would actually never want to leave here if I could possibly stay this way.

There's been friends. When I moved in here, I couldn't have foreseen how many people would come into my life as a result of my flat. Like the very first person I met when I moved in, Vicki. Who is one of my absolute best friends now, to the point where I was even her bridesmaid two years ago. I'm considered "Od Mother" to her baby son even. Then there's Amy and Mich, who I can always guarantee drunken trouble around - even though neither of them have lived here since... what? 2007? Really? Seems like only yesterday! My already-friend Marie moved in back in 2008 and brought in her friend from uni and also an old flatmate of hers.... that was a great year or so, and we all became solid friends within the flat. Although I do like my current flatmates, after they all left it did sort of leave a hole.  Weird to think how many flatmates you can have in 10 years in a place.... I'd say there's been over 20, although if I did an exact headcount, it might be closer to 30.

There have been some weirdos granted... most of whom were back in the early days... but it's been an experience, that's for sure.

Considering I actually have been working for my current company since the middle of 2005, just over 2 years after I moved in here, it's weird to think how many places I actually worked in those 10 years. When I moved here, I was still working for directory enquiries, where I lasted a year and a half almost, and which is still my second longest stint in a company to date. I worked in 10 places between leaving directory enquiries in October 2003 and starting in my current company in August 2005. That's really weird. A few of those were temp jobs, but even so... it was still a scary time, where I would hand in my notice without knowing what was coming next, or (in the space before getting my first job in my current company) coming to the end of a long term temp job and then being unemployed for four weeks not having the slightest clue where my next paycheck would come from. This part of my life also included the part where I worked for the con artist... twice!

Oh, and I started this here blog in this flat. After my last one, which I also started here, led me to be temporarily ostracised and also permanently dumped!

It's weird how so much has changed in the time since I moved in here... but not changed at the same time.

Such as:

1.I earn about twice as much as I did back then... I still struggle from month to month.
2.I was single when I moved in and have had an okay amount of action since... I'm still single now.
3.There are still people out there who you don't trust one bit, but give a chance to.... and they prove they are shitty cuntyfaceheads like you always expected. (this last one is just a rule to live by, btw!)

I can't think of any other examples right now, but they'll come.

I don't even know what this post is about, other than I felt like a bit of a tipsy ramble, and it made sense when I started but now I'm a bit like "what the fuck is the point of this post?"!!! But ultimately I felt like I needed to mark off this time in my life. I've always said the age 23 is one of my favourite years... and that was the year I moved in to this flat.

I hope that moving into this new flat on Sunday will be a new chapter... but I hope it's slightly less erratic, a bit more settled, a WEE bit less dramatic . . . and ultimately brings me happiness...

Let's drink to that, folks!



  1. Cheers!! It is amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same. And some people never change to your #3 point!

  2. Hiya P,

    Have you moved into your new place yet? Hope all is well :)


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