Friday, 24 May 2013


During my "assessment" of my room and things I should/shouldn't be getting rid of prior to my move, I have came to the conclusion I have waaayyyy too much of certain items . . .

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all of these when I move. I want to keep loads of them, but I genuinely think if I kept them ALL I would need about 20 boxes just for those alone. I've been looking in to ways of maybe selling them but it's looking like they may just be having to go to charity instead. :-( Looks like I bought my Kindle just in time . . .

I won't complain about that because I'm addicted to them. In fact, I'm planning to go on asos later and try and buy a few more and I'M NOT SORRY!

Unused, obviously! It's a good thing they last so long given how barren my sex life usually is! I actually currently have three boxes of the things. Long story. So if anyone ever needs one, I can probably spare you a couple!

I have way too many of these for just one neck. I think I could wear a different necklace every day for about six weeks and still have some more to wear. And, like the dresses, I can't seem to stop buying them. And they're ALWAYS getting tangled up with each other which is a total PAIN IN THE ARSE to fix!

I have a whole drawer full of nail polish but I'm pretty sure half of the bottles have gone all blobby and useless. I also somewhat ironically have no nail polish remover or cotton wool pads.

I have coppers, 5ps, 10ps and 20ps kicking about EVERYWHERE. I have little boxes to put them in and I do so periodically but they still just keep turning up in weird places. Like my bed. Or occasionally from inside my clothing. And once from my hair in the shower. It's a strange phenomenon, that's for sure!

What do you have too much of?


  1. What a shame your spare change isn't of the folding variety. I remember watching an episode of How Clean Is Your House where the girl whose apartment they were cleaning would just leave notes all around the house. At the end of it they gave her the pile of money they'd collected from around her place and it came to over three thousand dollars!!!

  2. I'm with you on the books and dresses. I also have way too much kitchen stuff- and that's a pain in the butt to pack!

  3. I have enough nail polish to sink a small ship. I also have way too many things I never wear, and I just bought two more bags of clothes. The nail polish I will keep, but the clothes will be tried on and donated this weekend if it kills me!


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