Thursday, 9 May 2013


It springs to mind that, in all my rants in the past about being annoyed about living with other people, I have perhaps inadvertently painted myself as the perfect flatmate.

Or perhaps not.

Either way, I am certainly NOT the perfect flatmate.

  • I hate people moving my stuff.
I have a facial wash that sits between the two taps in the sink of the bathroom I use. It has changed brands over the years, and is rarely used by me. But it always sits there. And if someone tries to interrupt the status quo . . . I am not happy. How DARE someone in a communal bathroom try and put something that EVERYONE might want to use, like SOAP for example, in that space instead of my facial wash??? How very rude.

Likewise in the kitchen. That bag of flour has sat on that shelf for four years and has been out of date for three, but the actual CHEEK of you trying to throw it out??? Cold shoulder treatment for you!
  • I'm anti-social.
I go out a lot. It stands to reason that my flat is therefore my place to avoid people and not make small talk. Sometimes I'm sociable. But generally I'm not. If you're my flatmate, that may make things awkward for you, as I run away from you clutching my glass of wine.

(Who am I kidding? It's a bottle.)
  • I don't answer the door. Unless I know it's for me.
So basically if you forget your keys, you're screwed.
  • People being too loud annoys me. Unless it's me.
So it's okay for ME to have a Nik Kershaw youtube disco for one in my room LOUDLY . . . it's not okay for you to do the same.
  • I'm messy.
Luckily this is generally confined to my room. So it's more my friends/family/anyone who comes to visit who has to put up with this, not my actual flatmates. Moving on....
  • I am very easily irritated by other people's mess in communal areas
Particularly the kitchen. Dirty dishes are my most peevy of pet peeves. I cannot abide even my OWN dirty dishes to the point where I quite often wash the pot I cooked my food in before I've actually eaten my dinner. One of my flatmates actually drives me crazy for leaving dirty dishes next to the sink, or (even worse!) in the sink. Seriously, how hard is it to wash that ONE KNIFE or ONE GLASS you have used RIGHT AFTER YOU USE IT???

  • I get resentful easily.
Things like . . . being the only person to have bought toilet roll in months. (To the point where I can actually hear someone go into the other bathroom and then into the one I normally use when they realise there is none. And my blood BOILS). Or the only one to take out the bin (although that hasn't been quite as bad with the newer flatmate joining us in the kitchen - she not only takes the bin out sometimes, she actually BOUGHT bin bags - which the first one hasn't done in nearly three years.) These are all petty things but they annoy me. Sometimes I even hide toilet roll in my room because one time I put a pack of two toilet rolls in the bathroom I use - only to discover half a day later the second roll was missing and had been moved to the other bathroom. I was actually RAGING! I took it back and hid it in my room.

In short . . . I am a total bastard and I get annoyed about things I shouldn't get annoyed about . . . things that are commonplace in most flatshares and aren't really that big a deal.

The one good thing about me though (maybe?) is that I never confront anyone about this as I wouldn't dream of causing a scene.

Although that is possibly because I KNOW I am being fucking unreasonable!

What makes or WOULD make you a bad flatmate?


  1. Ok I actually don't think you are being that unreasonable. Which probably means I would be a nightmare flatmate....

  2. I Laughed out loud at this post, because I'm the same! lol I never answer the door unless its for me, glad I'm not the only one!


  3. I've raged over less. That's probably why I read your blog. Apparently we're both assholes.

  4. I'm sure Nik Kershaw would consider you a model flatmate, Miss P.

  5. Haha I can relate to some of your reasons. I'm not a nice flat mate too, I think. :P

  6. There's a reason I live alone. Seriously, I pity any person who had to live with me.

  7. I've had some bad share house experiences! Probably top of the list were the girls that just didn't feel like paying rent. Lost my bond over that one.

  8. I don't think these things are unreasonable - especially the buying of binbags and loo roll - do people think that stuff just magics up out of the air?


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