Saturday, 4 May 2013


So the Ferry guy came over again last night.

To be honest, this was a while coming. About two weeks ago, after he'd commented on one too many of my twitter statuses (probably the one where he agreed that I had spectacular tits) I turned to my sister and said I had a feeling we'd probably be having sex again pretty soon. It still took me aback though when he randomly started texting me out of nowhere on Wednesday night while I was at a pub quiz.

The texting continued throughout Thursday, although I was also out Thursday night and ended up snogging a hot fireman. (That was fun until he puked on himself. Yeah, That was how drunk he was.) In the meantime, without my knowledge, one of my friends was texting the ferry guy from my phone pretending to be me, saying all sorts of things like "I want your willy. NOW." etc etc.

The worst bit is that when I looked at the messages the next day I thought "God, this stuff doesn't sound like me" but just assumed it WAS because I'd been rather inebriated. When my friend 'fessed up it made a bit more sense . . .

So anyway he phoned me last night to say he was about to come through from Edinburgh (it had been tentatively arranged) and turned up just after ten pm last night, and left a bit after midday today. It was nice. More than nice.

I do still like the guy and dear god do I find him attractive, but I know for definite it's just a hook-up thing now. And I'm surprisingly okay with that. Like I've said on here, and to my friends, he's not a viable prospect. He's too young, for a start. And he's made it very clear that he's not looking for a girlfriend. That he doesn't EVER want a girlfriend and that he's happy to die alone.

I have other things in the pipeline anyway. ;-)

I walked him to the door and as he walked out I said "So I'll see you in about six months then?" He just laughed and agreed.

Who knows where either of us will be in six months. But it's always nice to have options . . .


  1. It is always nice to have options and a solid back up plan!


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