Wednesday, 15 May 2013


  • My lack of motivation - I haven't made it to the gym for two whole weeks. Was meant to be going tonight after pole fitness. Ended up going out for a two course meal and a glass of vino instead. It was delicious, granted, but I feel guilty now.

  • Pole dancing failures - Even nearly two years on, I am struggling with the aforementioned pole fitness class. There's some moves I can do well, but some I still struggle with. My sister started the class about three months ago and has now pretty much caught up with me.... and can do some moves I can't do! I knew she'd be better at it than me because she's always been sportier but still . . . it's a bitter pill to swallow.  (On the upside though . . . I can hang upside down with no hands! LOOK AT ME!!! )

  • Insert applause here .  . .

  • My inability to avoid anything that's bad for me - cheese. Chocolate.  Cava. Men. Enough said.

  • Possessions - why do I have so many? The more I try to clear out stuff in preparation of my move next month, the more my belongings seem to multiply! Where is everything coming from??? And why am I having so much trouble getting rid of it. Someone call Hoarders Anonymous for me please!

  • Hair extensions - if you have hair extensions, can you not spend half of your day combing the tangles out of your hair with your fingers right in front of me while tossing it about virtually in my face? It's fucking irritating.

  • Weather - it is mid May and we've had no nice weather. Unless you count last Tuesday. That was probably actually our summer. Mother Nature, gonna fling us a heatwave? If you want to make it between the 22nd and 30th May that would be ideal . . . I'm off work then. Cheers!

What's annoying you right now?

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  1. I'm totally with you on the hair extensions part! I think you should be so proud of yourself that you can hang upside down like that though, I would be so shit xx


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