Monday, 20 May 2013


So I am into day 9 of this.

I don't even know where it originated from - my friend just found it posted on someone's facebook. I was staying at hers last weekend so we decided to start it together. She couldn't continue with it though, so I'm on my own again.

The first day or two were mega easy. But it got really hard really fast.

I am DREADING doing today's. It's all of those sit-ups. The crunches, the leg raises and the plank I can stand. The sit-ups are HORRENDOUS.

Just looking at day 30 makes me feel a bit sick inside.

Although once I've done that it will be all over with.

Whether I actually make it past today though is a different story . . .

Anyone else doing anything like this?


  1. Never heard of this one. Are you seeing results? Good for you for pushing through!

  2. I probably should be doing something like that...

  3. Try replacing the sit-ups with gin for a more relaxing experience.


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