Sunday, 21 April 2013


On Friday evening I sat with my pjs on and a glass of cava (or eight) in my hand, drinking away my post holiday blues, wishing I was still in Lanzarote, dreading going back to work, and thinking about my plan to get fit.

I never got the bikini body I hoped to get for going away. I was pretty good for going to the gym for the last month before I went on holiday. Unfortunately other things conspired against me... such as my love of cheese and eating it, which got extra out of hand due to me discovering Boursin and using it in everything savoury I ate. So I went away still feeling flabby and blah.... luckily when I've got my middle section covered up though I can cover that up. As my friend Mich announced on twitter yesterday . . .
I can't deny it was a massive compliment.... especially when Ferry Guy weighed in to confirm that my tits were indeed spectacular. Given I've had fuck all action in the last few months, and after everything that has went on in recent weeks job-wise, am feeling really fucking shit about myself.... that was kinda what I needed to hear.

Anyway . . . when I was drunk last night one of my twitter (and now real life) friends encouraged me to come to a free session at her crossfit gym. And I'm going to do it. On Tuesday. Because it's free. And because I don't really understand what it is. And i'm fucking curious.

I won't lie though. I'm also terrified. I'm not very fit. I walk a hell of a lot, a round trip of approximately five miles per day during the week, and quite often at the weekend too, due to my loathing of public transport, and that keeps me RELATIVELY in shape. But crossfit? Despite me not really knowing what it is.... it seems like a whole new ballgame, and one which I'm likely to fail in. I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks on Friday and I seriously struggled. How can I possibly do crossfit??? But I've committed to doing this session on Tuesday. So I'm scared shitless, but I'm doing it all the same. And, don't you fear, if I survive it (because I'm already fairly convinced I may die), I will tell you all about it. Or warn you. (Same thing, right?) Wish me luck!

Have you tried crossfit or want to try it? Will I die? Please share!

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