Saturday, 23 March 2013


This next few weeks are going to be relatively busy.

Lots of gym going for me for a start. I may not have caught the gym bug yet - I was all fired up to go tonight and made it NEARLY to the gym before turning around and walking home (in my defence the weather was just shit and I couldn't face having to go back out in it after my workout) - but I have reason to be going now.

The holiday is BOOKED.

Lanzarote in less than three weeks time. Yaaaassss!!!

In addition, as of today, my ferry/bus ticket to Belfast is booked for next Friday. Our old flatmate got married in Florida earlier this month and her reception is next weekend. So in the next three weeks, I'm going to be in Northern Ireland AND THEN in Spanish territory. Bring it. Seriously. Rub it all over my face. I am soooo excited about all of this.

It means I've had to put other stuff off in the meantime, which I'm a wee bit disappointed about. But hopefully it will happen. We'll see.

It's fair to say March hasn't been the best of months. But hopefully I can turn it around. And April? Well, it should be, if not brilliant, then DEFINITELY better than March . . .

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