Monday, 28 January 2013


 . . . when you remember you're not over someone, no matter how much you tell yourself you are.

No matter how much you've convinced yourself.

No matter the fact that you moved on, that you THOUGHT you had met someone else who could replace him. That the nights when you cried yourself to sleep over him were forgotten; that you never would again.

You may not cry yourself to sleep over him anymore, but sometimes.... when you've maybe had a wee bit to drink, and are feeling a wee bit alone.... then you start to miss him again.

And you KNOW that the likelihood of it working out are slim-to-none and you KNOW that you'd just end up hurt again and you KNOW you are just wanting what you can't have and it's stupid and you're an idiot and you actually need someone to knock some sense into you....

But in those moments . . .

In those moments . . .

I just want to rewind time two years and feel properly happy again.

With him.


  1. It is literally like you siphoned the thoughts out of my brain and put them into words on your blog. I definitely 100% know how you feel and I'm sorry. It sucks really bad. :*/

  2. Aw sweetheart. So sorry you're feeling sad. Hope things pick up for you soon. Remember this too shall pass xo

  3. I hope you find happy again,I know it's super hard!! xoxo <3

  4. Hug for you P.


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