Monday, 7 January 2013


So about about five weeks ago I posted about how I'm single and okay with it, and I mentioned the guy from the ferry and how he occasionally suggested hooking up but never followed through (no pun intended.) I honestly never thought that would come to fruition, but somehow, that very weekend, he DID end up coming through.

It was a random thing, where I woke up on the Saturday morning with no idea that I'd be falling asleep with him in my bed that night. I suppose in much the same way that the day I woke up to go to Belfast I had no idea that in mere hours I'd have met a guy on the ferry and have his number.

And it was nice. Y'know? It was good to see him in person again, he's a bloody hot motherfucker that's for sure. (Given I'm not that much younger than his mother that probably isn't the best phrase to use to describe him but oh well...) Like I said before, I know it is just sex . . . but now I feel like I have a bit more closure. I still like him.... but last time he came over to mine I didn't realise I wasn't going to see him again for months. I knew our little holiday fling had an expiry date, but I hadn't realised that the date we first slept together would in fact be the actual date everything expired. I'm not sure he knew that either, to be honest, but it was. In a way. Obviously we were still in touch occasionally, we had met up for that brief drink in August, but the 1st June was the day it first expired.

Can something expire twice? It certainly doesn't work with food. You bin it and never see it again. It doesn't always work quite that way with relationships with actual people though. It's not really so clear cut.

The thing is though, he's not going to be my future, there is probably a very big chance that I will never see him again. That's okay. It was nice to have that night though. Bonus night, I guess.  It was nice to wake up to someone next to me too. It's been a while.

In a lot of ways though, it reminded me that I still have outstanding issues with a different guy.

And that was a can of worms I was hoping wouldn't be opening again.

Stupid brain . . .


  1. I think things definitely can expire twice - when something ends, you have no idea that it could potentially start up again in the future (or start and expire again in the same day!). I've definitely had situations where I got all dramatic and "THIS IS OVER OFFICIALLY" only to have it..not be over. Ha.

  2. Sometimes you need to have the wake for the expiration. It's a really good way to say 'yeah, that definitely is enough of that one thank you'. Don't overthink the other guy situation either, just roll with it :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  3. Some of us insist on eating things past their expiration date and then we get sick. That pretty much sums up one of my ill-advised relationships. Heh.


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