Thursday, 17 January 2013


Now, I spoke to you a few months back about my obsession with snoods. Which IS still an obsession by the way. I've actually added to my collection and now have seven of them, and no intention of slowing down with the snood purchasing. I really am a snoodaholic.

But this weekend I appear to have found another new obsession.

Skinny belts!

In one weekend in London, I have acquired four new ones.

I found the illuminous pink and yellow ones in H & M in Camden. The yellow one was reduced to two quid and the pink to one quid. How could I say no???

And then on my third trip to Forever 21 in the space of a month (oh how I LOVE that store), I picked up the blue one. And then the leopard print one.

Aren't they all so pretty? Much like snoods, I think I can see myself buying more skinny belts very soon . . .

What have you been buying loads of recently? Any current addictions?

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