Friday, 9 November 2012


Last week I joined What I Wore Today . . . if you don't know that website, it's wear you post pictures of what you've been wearing that day. Yup, much like Ronseal does exactly what it says on the tin, WIWT does exactly what it says in its name.

THEN other users can give your outfit a gold star. Basically, it's the equivalent of liking something on Facebook, but will probably actually MEAN something soon... (can you tell I'm FINALLY going off Facebook???)

It's been a bit of a eyeopener to me. Because I have always been quite proud of my dress sense. I've never thought I was particularly fashionable. I like bright colours and patterns but I do play it safe a bit because I don't like overemphasising my curves. I don't really do trends, I tend to go with what suits me.  But I've put some pics of myself up where I've quite liked my clothes... and then been really offended when not that many people "star" them.

It's still ridiculously fun though.... and I love getting ideas from other people's outfits, or finding out about clothes websites I didn't know existed! I just wish I had a full length mirror and decent lighting so I could do the classic "taking a picture of myself with my phone in the picture" thing that every one else seems able to do but doesn't work for me.

Anyway.... here's some posing pics of my clothes from the last week. I might make this a semi-regular post. Or perhaps not, since I''m starting to HATE my clothes thanks to WIWT!

 Galaxy dress from
Jumper from Oasis
Snood from River Island (via asos)
Blouse from River Island
Shorts from Asos 

 Dress from asos
Jacket from Gas (ancient jacket, I've had it for about 10 years, maybe more)
Boots from Rocha John Rocha @ Debenhams

Velvet coat from Warehouse (also ancient - about five years old and the lining is in bits, but i still love it)
Lace dress from a boutique near Carnaby Street in London called Dahlia
Snood from Dotty P's 

Dress from Miss Selfridge (but bought second-hand from asos for a steal)

Top Warehouse
Skirt Miss Selfridge

Anyone else on WIWT? Or WOULD you go on it? How do you feel about fashion - trend setter or like to stick to what you know?


  1. I love the lace dress and velvet coat combo! I'm not sure I would do any good on a sight like that... I try, but I'm a bit of a slummy mummy who has to dress comfortably and with easy access to my boobies ( you know, for breastfeeding! ) I do love a good maxi skirt those and have just started making them for myself so who knows? maybe I will end up on there!

  2. I think you look nice! I don't know if I would be any good at being on WIWT because I seem to be stuck in a stay at home mum rut - my uniform is a pair of (sensibly lengthed)denim shorts and loose tops. BORING.
    Sounds like a fun site to visit, though. I think it would inspire me to try to mix things up and take more pride in my appearance (and talk myself into buying something nice now and then instead of just baby stuff). I think I'll check it out! I'd love to see more of your outfits :)

  3. Damn, I wrote a whole comment and I lost it. In summary...
    - I don't know that I'd be any good on there because I'm in a Stay at Home Mum rut
    - The site might be inspiring though
    - You look nice and I'd love to see more of your outfits.


  4. You look lovely! And your posts are always really witty.

  5. You have inspired me to join WIWT! I always thought I would like to take a photo of what I wear everyday (I'm a bit OCD and like to keep a note of things!!) but this site means I can actually do it and tells me that I am not crazy for doing it because so many other people do it too! We can't all be crazy, right?!

    Thanks for posting the link :)


  6. I love your outfits P. If I were to do it, I would bore my readers. I wear pretty basic stuff to work (oh and I'm fat....I mean pregnant) so not really rocking any kind of fashionable look just now!!!

  7. I have signed up. And it turns out my friend's sister is Poppy Dinsey. The person who set up the site. Small world, huh?!


  8. PURE lOVING that velvet coat! Like loads xxx


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