Sunday, 1 July 2012


Happy July everyone!!! (Can you believe it's bloody July already??? This year is flying in!)

Wow, I don't do any Nail on Sunday posts for WEEKS then you get two in a row! Aren't you lucky??? ;-)

I'm a big fan of the french manicure, although to be honest it just isn't COLOURFUL enough for me. I like to make a bit of a statement with my nails, after all. So I like to take the french manicure effect and colours and shake it all up a bit. Coloured tips on colour. A lot of the nail looks I try (for example my looks from the first three weeks of The *Nail* On Sunday) are based around a french manicure technique.

So . . . there is the pale grey with white tips look (and a bit of glitter added) which looked pretty great. (Mental note to self - must buy new pale grey nail polish as it is an AWESOME nail colour. The one in the pic was from Rimmel, by the way.)

Or purple nails with glittery tips. I achieved this look by putting a layer of clear nail polish on the tip of my nail over the purple and then dipping each nail into a tub of silver nail glitter. It made quite a pretty look, I thought. Although I DID admittedly end up covered in glitter!

My most recent look, however, might be my favourite. It involves mint green, purple and silver. And it is MEGA easy to achieve.

It uses Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green (304), Accessorize Nail Polish in Electric Purple (Shade 26), and Barry M Instant Effects Nail Paint Foil Effects for the silver tips. It's so easy to do - just paint alternate nails purple and mint and then, once it's dry, paint the tips with the silver nail paint! As long as you have a relatively steady hand, then you should get a pretty nice effect. I think both of these colours work great with the silver contrast!

Do you like??? What do you think would make nice colour combinations for this sort of look?


  1. The purple with glitter is my favorite!

  2. I used to really dislike the french manicure look, but I've grown to love it. I used to get it done all the time when I had long nails.

  3. I love the purple glitter one, it's gorgeous!

  4. Hey grt work!!i just went thru your blog and its amazing.. loved it ! Ill follow you and show me some love and follow back :D
    Hope to hear from you soon !
    love xoxo


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