Tuesday, 5 June 2012


After avoiding it for three weeks, I made my return to the gym today. I REALLY couldn't be arsed, to be honest, I'd rather have drank cava for one more day before going back to work tomorrow, but I felt like it was a necessity. Not quite sure how I'm going to get back into a routine with three whopper shifts in a row next week (7.40am-6.10pm - ouch) as well as my work trip to London the following week, but I can't keep putting the health thing off.

It was a struggle, especially since I decided to walk there and back and it was warmer outside than I expected. BUT I managed forty minutes and feel a wee bit better about myself as a result. So THAT'S good. Tomorrow I am going to try and fit in a quick workout before my pole class too. I usually talk myself out of that one, so will be interesting to see if I make it!

In other news, speaking of the whole health thing, I'm also going to try to avoid the booze until at least next Friday. As well all know, the majority (okay, ALL!) of my previous attempts at not drinking have not worked. So once again.... this should be interesting. For now, I'm pretty much determined but give me a particularly bad day and the idea of drowning in a bottle of cava never seems like a bad one. Hmmmmm. Wish me luck anyway! ;-)


  1. Good luck! Congrats on,getting back to the gym already.

    I find that if I ask myself if I want to work out?/should I work out? The answer is always no. But if I just put on my exercise clothes I wind up doing it.

  2. I should be going back to the gym. But i've not. My excuse is that i have no money.


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