Monday, 7 May 2012


I've been an unnatural blonde pretty much permanently since I was fifteen so, as you can probably imagine, seventeen years later my hair isn't in the fabbiest of conditions. Therefore I am a massive fan of intensive conditioner and serum, and am always looking for the Perfect Product that will make my hair a little bit happier.

A few weeks ago, I was approached to review some products made with argan oil, something I am a big fan of, having been using Lee Stafford's arganoil hair serum for some time now and finding it makes a slight difference to the condition of my hair. Argan oil, native to Morocco, is meant to have fantastic effects on the condition of hair. I was eager to give these a go so jumped at the chance.

The products I got to try were the Osmo Berber Oil Shampoo, Berber Oil mask and the Berber Oil hair treatment. I'd already tried the latter as I got some in the goody bag after the International Woman's Day in March, and I was quite impressed with it, but I was curious to see what the other products would be like.

The shampoo was the one I was a little dubious about as I wasn't quite sure if a shampoo which contained a lot of oil was a good idea. Despite my dry bleached hair, my roots can have a tendency to get greasy quickly, and there are certain shampoos which seem to exacerbate this. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it actually felt like it was really cleaning my hair and it didn't have any greasy residue once I'd dried it. The mask also impressed - it says you can use it as a regular conditioner or as an intensive treatment by leaving it on longer - I like to leave my conditioner on for a few minutes at least - and it made my hair feel softer and silkier and less brittle than usual.

As for the treatment oil, I am definitely a big fan of this - it is quite a slow moving oil so I never end up pouring too much into my hand and overdoing it - you can build it up gradually and it does leave my ends (and strays) looking a bit healthier.

I don't think I'm ever going to find a MIRACLE hair product that is going to give me hair like a supermodel, but in terms of products that help my hair look that wee bit nicer than usual, I definitely think Osmo Berber Oil products are a winner for me!

(Please note: even though I was sent these products for review, this is 100% my own opinion.)

Have you ever tried products with argan oil in them?

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  1. Have you tried Aussie's 3-minute miracle? That stuff rocks my world. I have naturally blonde, but curly hair, so it gets dry by nature, unfortunately. But this stuff is so awesome. I just recently discovered it about two weeks ago.

    I use it every other day, John Frieda's Full Repair conditioner the other daily and use Moroccan Hair Oil for after-care treatment daily.

    My hair loves me again :)


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