Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I'm not really a people-watcher - except, for some reason, when I'm in the gym, then I am the curtain twitcher of the room. I guess because I'm trying to distract myself from the pain.

Anyway, since I'm generally in prime view of the doors, I watch the people come and go . . . and it astonishes me how many people don't know their passcode off my heart. I see so many pile-ups thanks to people having to check their phone for their code. I kinda feel like if they have to check what it is, then they can't really be coming all that much.

Which is weird, because I pretty much think I'm number dyslexic and find it nigh on impossible to remember most numbers... but I remember the ones i use all the time. This is namely my 1) online bank account access number 2)the long number across the front of my debit card. Anything else causes me a problem - even when I'm asked for my own mobile number I sometimes have to double check it first. But the gym number? I remember that with complete ease.

So I may have constant money problems, and spending problems, if you put two and two together on the other two numbers I know by heart, but at least it proves I've been going to the gym loads! Yay me!

Do you have problems with numbers?


  1. I usually remember all the numbers with ease no matter how long they are, but then there are some that I just can't remember at all - like one phone number I use all the time and I just can't remember it to save my life!

  2. I can remember numbers if I actually dial them/hit the keys on the ATM/etc. Apparently, my number memory is in my fingertips.


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