Sunday, 6 May 2012


I've never quite been sure about nail polishes that produce a shatter effect when you paint them over another colour. They just never seem to look quite right on me . . . usually because I just paint them over a single colour. I started to think maybe because the shatter effect gives a textured look, it really needs to be painted over something that already HAS a bit of texture. And that is how this look came about . . .

I like this look. Obviously a shatter effect never looks alike on two nails, so even though I've done this a shitload of times now always using the same colours, the effect is always slightly different. And because of this, you also don't need to be too exact or precise with the colours underneath.

So how to recreate? It's actually pretty simple.

 I started off with a layer of blue in a fairly metalic shade. This one is Rimmel Lasting Finish in shade 198 Azure.
 After this, I applied red glittery nail polish across the top half of the nail. Like I said, it doesn't need to be too precise. I used Barry M nail paint in shade 150 Red Glitter. I tend to do two coats of this because it isn't particularly pigmented after one coat due to the glitter.

Then it's time for the shatter part - I used Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects "Crackle" - 311. This was black obviously (from the picture you can tell I mean!) I'm not very good at the whole shatter/crackle effect thing as i tend to put too much on, but it worked out okay, I reckon. I added a layer of clear nail polish with glitter on top of that - I figured it added a bit of an extra edge (and even more texture, while also smoothing out the roughness from the nail effects polish.) I'm quite happy with the look - it's sort of graffiti-meets-stained-glass-window. In my humble opinion, anyway!

What do you think of these nail effect nail polishes on the market at the moment, like crackle/shatter, or the magnetic effects ones? Have you tried any of these?


  1. Ooh your nails look great! I'd like to try this :) x

  2. i love this look and it seems really easy. i need to get some shatter polish.


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