Monday, 2 April 2012


The weather is doing my tits in at the moment. (Not literally.)

Last week when it was really nice, it was always mega cold in the morning. Like, I'd wake up, get dressed, go outside and it was like 2 degrees. So I'd dress as if it was winter, get to work and a few hours later it would be about 16 degrees hotter. So it was going from actually having frost on the ground in the morning to "Glasgow summertime" weather by midday.

I mean, how the FUCK is one meant to dress appropriately for the weather when it's went from winter to summer in a matter of hours? ??

Today was the reverse. I woke up, it looked sunny outside. I put on my new dress (work is always sooo much more fun when I have something new to wear), flung on a cardigan and headed outside. It was really nice. After about five minutes I walked past two guys who were throwing things into a van.

"Why are you dressed for the summer?" one of them decided to ask me. "Don't you know it's meant to snow today?"

"It's not cold enough," I responded. Idiot.

After work, I met up with my mum. I swear to god, it got chillier and chillier. I was FREEZING by the time I got home. I almost wouldn't be surprised if I woke up to snow tomorrow.

But seriously - how am I meant to know how to dress in the morning??? Last week it was cold then hot . . . this week it's hot then cold! I can't win.

But at least my new dress is cute . . . ;-)


  1. Oh I know P - this weather is doing my tits in too! Where did you get your pretty dress? I got a couple of lovely dresses recently from Dorothy P's. They are gorgeous x

  2. Loving your pretty dress! And yes, turns out this faux-summer we've been having recently has just been leading us all on. HEARTLESS WEATHER! XX

  3. Texas weather is just as unpredictable.. The only solution? Layering..
    And your dress is super cute! :) Where did you buy it?

  4. I am loving that dress! The weather's been bonkers at the moment hasn't it? I think our summer's gone! :(

    Le Material Girl

  5. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

    I woke up this morning, got dressed in my nice dress and slipped on my pumps. It took me one step outside the door and I turned around and went to get changed.


    Oh well, at least we enjoyed our week of summer!

  6. Dress is great! I'm feeling your weather pain- whilst it doesn't get nearly as cold, Melbourne weather is infamously unpredictable!

  7. Very cute dress! And it is doing the cold to hot thing here currently so I keep sending Charlie to daycare in all these layers and she comes home a hot mess. Oops. :)


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