Sunday, 22 April 2012


  • ANNOYED - I was at a hen night last night and a microphone landed on my phone's screen, cracking it and rendering it unusable. I've had to use savings to buy a new one as I need one asap. I actually cannot survive without a smartphone anymore - it's just not possible.

  • HUNGRY - I need to eat something. I can't be bothered. See also: lazy.

  • LAZY - I am still wearing last night's clothes, even though it's ten past one in the afternoon. The idea of actually getting up and changing is beyond my capabilities apparently. But needs must as I would very much like some wine and, as I am into day 3 of my long weekend, I think it's allowed today as technically this is my Saturday. :-) I also really should be going to the gym - it WAS my plan, but I'm just mentally not motivated enough.

  • HOPEFUL - tomorrow is attempt number three at getting my Music Magpie stuff collected. These two boxes of old dvds etc have been a bone of contention with me for two months now as it has prevented me from doing any decent cleaning as they are cluttering up my room. If they get collected then I no longer have an excuse AND i can hopefully make back the money I've wasted on having to buy a new phone.

  • LONELY - missing the person I shouldn't be missing again. So much so that when I ran into my flatmates in the hallway on Friday night, I randomly burst into tears. THAT was embarrassing.

  • UNINSPIRED - hence this shitty post. I'm sorry. I just don't feel much like doing ANYTHING right now.

How are you today?


  1. In a nutshell, I'm better than I was at 2am this morning!! Also better than I was yesterday!

  2. I'm not too bad... I've just been to the pub... Could be worse.


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