Saturday, 14 April 2012


 . . . a change is as good as a rest.

A complete and utter cliche, but it's true in this case.

I've been thinking about how I need to get away for a bit. Me and Mich were talking about going on holiday next month and I have a week and a half set aside for this, but funds are low.

So we've decided . . . it's time to return to good old Belfast for a few days!

Next month, we will board a ferry where we will imbibe alcohol at early hours only allowed on holiday, we will head across the Irish Sea and be greeted by our dear friend and former flatmate A! Then will ensue much drunken antics, fun, silly quotes and (hopefully!) some Guitar Hero. (I REALLY hope she still has that!). Drinking out, eating out and I want to go to the zoo! Time I saw some cute animals in real life, rather than just youtubing precious videos of foxes,

I am going to get the bus/ferry tickets booked this week and then it will be official. And I can't wait. I really need a distraction from my own thoughts.

I cannot WAIT for that . . .


  1. There are elephants at the zoo!

    oooft, the time off can't come quickly enough lol xXx

  2. Sounds like an excellent plan. I heard Donnie Wahlberg saying (when I was on set with him) that New Kids On The Block has a concert coming up this month in Belfast. Seems like the place to be. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful! And it's always lovely to have it booked and to have something to look forward to xo


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