Thursday, 12 April 2012


I think I might be beginning to like the gym.

Well, ALMOST like it, let's just say. I don't want to exaggerate TOO much.

Take Tuesday. I hadn't been for nearly a week, despite my good intentions to still go over the weekend. But puking on Friday after Thursday night's excesses resulted in me barely being capable to order a Dominos online, let alone do anything more taxing. Then I felt Saturday morning was better spent finishing the entire final series of One Tree Hill. And then I was away until Monday evening, so it just didn't happen.

On Tuesday I took my gym bag to work, full of intentions to go to the gym afterwards. About ten mins before I could finish, I found myself thinking "maybe I should just go home". I forced myself to go, telling myself if I went, it meant I wouldn't have to go yesterday before my pole fitness class. I jumped on the cross trainer and told myself I'd do twenty minutes. At the 20 minute mark, even though I'd been dying for the ordeal to be over, I decided to keep going for another five. Then another. I got to thirty before I cooled down. I decided that was enough for the day and, as I got dressed for the outside world, I found myself thinking "I WILL come before pole class tomorrow."

That's the thing about exercise. When you're doing it, you don't WANT to be doing it . . . but afterwards you feel that bloody great (albeit exhausted and sweaty) that you want to KEEP doing it.

So yesterday I went to the gym, did 25 minutes on the crosstrainer, walked up to my pole fitness class, tried my best in there, then walked home. I'd told myself I could have a night off today. But found myself thinking this evening "I actually quite want to go again." To be honest, I'm skint right now, and miserable and I guess I might as well make exercise a project. It will keep me on dwelling on the whole my-ex-treats-me-like-a-stranger-and-it-kills-me thing, and if I DO end up going abroad next month (pray for a windfall for Mich, 'kay?) I might be a bit more toned so everyone's a winner. Or something.

But let's share some of the things that are annoying me about the gym thus far:

  • I know I said it was annoying that you had to walk up two flights of stairs to get to it . . . but I can't believe some people choose to take the lift. It seems somewhat ironic . . .
  • The space shuttle doors I mentioned before - I hate how they face into the gym directly as I feel on display when I walk in. Especially since I'm trapped inside the little clear bubble until the door closes behind me. You've heard the term "captive audience"; I feel like a "captive performer"!
  • Somehow it always takes me a ridiculous amount of time to get changed. On Tuesday it took me fifteen minutes between me getting through the captive performance and making my reappearance on the gym floor. I mentioned this to some colleagues and they asked me how this was even possible. I have no idea . . .
  • I am a creature of habit and, although I tell myself I'll get on something other than the cross-trainer, I seem to gravitate towards it. And then once I'm on it. I'd rather just stay on it. I'm sure it's good for me but it might be an idea to mix it up a bit, eh?
  • People walking unnecessarily close to me when I'm on the machine. The other day I was in the middle of a line of crosstrainers and some guy decided to squeeze between my machine and the one beside me to get to the row in front. I panicked a bit as I thought I was going to hit him with the handle thingy, plus he gave me a fright as I wasn't expecting anyone to appear from behind me like that. There was no need for it - he could have walked around the line of machines. Cock.
  • Being sweaty. I hate that. (Especially today when I forgot to bring my towel out of the changing room and had to sneak off and leave the machine all sweaty). I also hate the colour my face goes after exercise. As in bright pink and blotchy. It's really NOT attractive.
  • The fact that I always seem to choose a locker in a quiet place when I get there - and when I return the entire changing room seems to be based around that locker.
  • My idea of machine etiquette means I don't like it if someone gets on a machine right next to me if there are others spare elsewhere (I'm the same with the toilet cubicles in work.). I'm actually harder on MYSELF regarding these OCD manners - this means if there is only one machine available and its between lots of other people, I am reluctant to use that one.

But I'll persevere, despite all my usual whines! Wish me luck!


  1. I wish I could convince myself that I like to exercise. Still working on that.

  2. Maybe try doing exercise DVDs at home? I've never been a member of a gym and I don't think I'd go regularly unless I had someone go with me. There, another suggestions - make a friend go with you :) and good luck! xx

  3. I hate to exercise. Never got it, never will, although I do enjoy the feeling afterwards, its not enough to keep me going. However, I have found I like to go to the spa, so I feel more inclinded to go for a swim while I am there!

  4. Colleague told me if you don't go to the gym for 2 weeks they'll email you and offer a free 30min session with a personal trainer!

    Don't worry, I'm still up for tomorrow :) xXx

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