Monday, 9 April 2012


Recently, I've became a bit obsessed with braiding, ever since I recently saw Love Maegan's tutorial recently on how to do a sideways french braid. I absolutely adored the style, tried it on myself and also loved it . . . but I just felt like I just don't have enough hair to pull off the style the way I want to.  Don't get me wrong, I have by no means perfected it - mine goes diagonally and Maegan's is more straight that mine - but I do love it. I just feel like even if I got it completely right, it still would look better on me if I had more hair.

Luckily, at the weekend, I found a new hair model to play with - my good friend V. She was only too happy to let me experiment on her hair and try out various looks that didn't have quite the same effect on my hair. V has actually done some hair modelling at wedding shows for the hairdresser who did our hair for her wedding last year, so she is the ideal hair model.  I always wanted one of those doll heads that you could do hair and make-up on when I was a kid . . . and now I had a human version of one! So we had a lot of fun.

Firstly, I tried out the same hairstyle I tried on myself, with much more success!

(Yes, there were MANY attempts at this...)

After this, we tried out a fishtail braid. This is a style I taught myself how to do YEARS ago (I was about sixteen and learned it from a book)  but, once again, I don't think it looks as great on my own hair as on someone with much longer hair. It looked fab on V and we couldn't get over how long her hair looked - she has long hair anyway but it almost gave her the illusion of having even more of it. Very Rapunzelesque.

Then I tried out another Love Maegan style - this was one I hadn't tried before AND hadn't watched the tutorial for, so I did have to improvise and it doesn't look a lot like the original - really you need to look at her own style to see what it SHOULD look like, but I don't think it was that far off. This then encouraged me later to try and develop that style a bit further and use those beginnings to create something a little bit more elaborate.

(I should probably mention that this hairdressing session involved some wine drinking - on my part. V was on the voddie - and went on for quite a few hours)

So I repeated the braiding process with the rest of the hair...

Kinda cool, eh???

And this was a final twist on the whole braiding thang.

I am loving all these dos - just wish they looked this fab on me! I can't wait to check out more hair tutorials - it's great fun!

What's your favourite hairstyle to do?


  1. With my hair being so fine it doesn't really hold any sort of hairstyle, as I'm usually trying my best to stop it from looking so flat! As such, I'd go for colour rather than style lol :P

    Very impressed with your hair styling attempts, though! x

  2. Ummm those are REALLY good!!! Wow. I cannot do shit to my hair except wear it down or put it in a ponytail. My new thing is to occasionally wear it in a side braid but that's only the really simple kind. I've tried to teach myself to French braid with zero success. I really don't think I could pull off any of those. I'm totally impressed!

  3. Amazing - wish I could do my hair like that! :)

  4. Wow some of these dos are amazing! I really wish that I was good at hair x

  5. Love the fishtail! I wish I had enough hair for any of these ;)

  6. You are super talented with hair! I wish I could braid like that. I'm like you I don't have enough thick hair to give braids the attention they deserve :)

  7. I just realized that I totally forgot how to do the fishtail braid! Used to know how. Will have to check out that tutorial.

    I could never really french braid my own hair. The few times I tried, it came out really loose and did not look good. I used to work in a salon and french braids were pretty common requests for people with long hair.

  8. great braids! i love a good messy braid! still trying to master the fishtail and waterfall braids!


  9. These are all so nice! I can french braid on someone else, but not myself, and no one in my house is willing to let me have their hair to practice on, sad times.

    Actually, I did a post recently about braids, you can have a look if you want:


  10. I<3 braids! My hair's waaay too short at the moment to hold any type of braid, but soon..

    And I think you did Maegan's braid-do really well!

    I'm super-jealous by the way!


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