Tuesday, 17 April 2012


One of the things I NEED to have in the gym is good music - I find my choice of tune can definitely motivate me and re-energise me if I'm flagging.

I managed to FINALLY work out how to make a playlist on my Walkman mp3 player the other night and chose some songs that I thought would really motivate me. However, they haven't really provided the kick up the arse I needed. Instead, I have found myself turning to a Floorfillers Anthem selection which my friend loaned me to download ages ago. I'm not a massive fan of current dance music, but stuff from the nineties seems to really work for me. Song like this . . .

Or this. When the chorus kicks in I find myself speeding up every time . . .

And THIS has to be the best motivator I have found so far . . . I think perhaps it's not just the energy in the track itself but also the "motivational" lyrics that help me with this one . . . ;-)

You're welcome!

But, y'know, I need a bit of variety here. So help me out - what are YOUR top workout tracks? Maybe now I finally know how to make a playlist I can dream up a BRILLIANT one with your help. Throw me some suggestions . . .


  1. Three songs I like to work out to at the moment are:

    1. Running (Disclosure remix) - Jessie Ware
    2. Blind Faith - Chase & Status Ft. Liam Bailey
    3. Reckless (with your love) - Azari & III (Paul Epworth Radio edit)

  2. Ha! Those tracks really bring me back!

    Emma xo

  3. Well it's usually the harder rock tunes that work for me - perhaps with some angry 'FUCK YOU!' sentiments.

    Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry, though, ALWAYS makes me want to start moving :) xXx

  4. Ok so I am HONESTLY not really a big pop music fan, but I think the Girls Aloud Greatest Hits CD is awesome to work out to! x


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