Friday, 16 March 2012


Like most people, I enjoy a bargain. I dislike trawling through sale rails though. I like accidental bargains, whether it's just happening across a lovely dress and then discovering the label actually has a half price sticker on it . . . or, even better, the occasions where you're prepared to pay full price for something and then discover at the checkout that it's been reduced and it just didn't say so on the label or shelf. It's an added bonus in that case. It's almost like you've actually MADE money - I know you actually HAVEN'T, but it feels a bit like it!

This happens to me rarely, but i love it. It happened to me a few weeks ago when I decided to buy some of the new John Frieda hair range . . . and discovered at the checkout it was buy one get one free. And I already had two in my hand. Woohoo!

Oh-so-pretty bracelet!
Or the time I was fully prepared to spend 22 pounds on a pair of pale grey leather gloves from Accessorize and discovered at the checkout they were a mere six pounds! Of course, they've never been the same since The Horrible Nail-Polish-and-THEN-Wine-Spillage of April 2010 (its official title) but at the time they were actually The Best Bargain Ever!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh . . . wait . . . it's definitely a bird... necklace!

And tonight it happened again. Wanting some retail therapy in a desperate sort of way, I found myself in Dorothy Perkins (or Dotty Ps, as I like to call it). I couldn't find any dresses I liked but I spotted some jewellery - a pretty bracelet and a bird necklace. Both were £8.50 but I decided, L'oreal style, that I was worth it (insert hair toss and smug smile here).

So up I headed to the counter, where the woman rang up the sale and informed me that the necklace was in fact only . . . wait for it . . . ONE POUND!!!

I thought perhaps I had misheard but no! It really was! To add to my unexpected good fortune, the bracelet was also three pounds cheaper than expected. What SHOULD have been a 17 pounds bill was in reality only £6.50!!!

Ah.... retail therapy! How I love you.

Still feel kinda shitty, but at least I can wear pretty things while I feel that way!

What's the last unexpected bargain (or ANY bargain!) you found?


  1. Go you! You must have some kind of gift or something, stuff like that never happens to me!

  2. A pair of sandals that had a $12 price tag but were only $5 :)

  3. Oh I love a bit of a bargain I do!!!
    That necklace is lush for a pound!!!! I do like dotty p's too! :)

  4. Gorgeous!

    Thats some skilled bargain hunting right there.

    My favourite ever bargain was when I first became a student, and had just bought all of my books etc and was desperately broke.

    My shoes were falling off my feet and I only had $20. They were that bad I couldnt possible wear them in public anymore, so I went to Kmart for some cheap ballet flats.

    There was a giant sales rack, and it was 11pm so the shop was mostly empty.

    I managed to buy my flats, a black skirt for work, a white shirt, some opaque stockings, and a very thick full length WINTER COAT all for $16!

    A complete outfit joined my wardrobe that day, and I had enough change to feed myself on Mie Goreng noodles for the whole next week. :)

  5. See, when that happens to me, I just go all quiet and practically run out of the shop before the cashier realises the mistake s/he's made.. It just feels like stealing!

    I like going to charity shops. People around Aberdeen just have way too much money (the oil and all), so the charity shops around here are full of all kinds of goodies. And the pricers at the shop don't quite know what they're doing. My best buys? A Rocha by John Rocha dress - tag still attached. Debenhams - £65. I paid 7.99. And... Wait for it... A Pucci skirt, unworn, for a mahoosive amount of 12.95. Not my size so I can't wear it at the moment, but I don't care, I own a Pucci skirt!

    Not the kind of bargain that you were talking about, but I don't care; I just had to brag a little! :D


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