Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Glasgow has been experiencing some unbelievably weird weather this past few days . . . as in, the weather has been nice! It's very unsettling considering it's still March and sometimes it is snowing here at this time of year. But it's been good. I got two nice doses of sunshine today - half an hour down by the Clyde with one of my friends at lunchtime, and an hour and a half after work in the Botanic Gardens with my book.

Sunshine is one of those things that honestly does make me feel happier. Not a lot, I'm still a bit miserable about everything, but it really helps cheer me up a bit. When I'm able to lie out in the sunshine, things seem literally and metaphorically brighter. And getting home after work to find my room flooded with sunshine is also a lovely feeling.

I wish sunshine could fix how I'm feeling completely, but in the meantime it's nice to know that it has made a LITTLE bit of a difference. I also was offered a potentially amazing experience today, one which would have got me away for a couple of days (a bit of distance is something I could REALLY use right now), but unfortunately it didn't end up going ahead. It would have allowed me to go to a couple of countries I would never have gone to otherwise, and it would have been pretty much straight away. So I'm disappointed that it didn't end up happening, but the tiny bit of nervous excitement I experienced about it in the hour or so where I was waiting to find out if it WAS going to happen was a nice new feeling I hadn't experienced in a bit of a while.

In the meantime though, let's just hope the sun keeps up for a few days yet. It's just what the doctor ordered!

How's the weather where YOU are right now?


  1. Sunny too! It's the vitamin D. It's good for us :)

  2. I am convinced I need to live in a hot country when I retire and then I will be in a good mood every day! Although my Mum lives in Cyprus and says it doesn't really work out like that....x

  3. It's been so lovely and sunny up in Abdn as well; it really does pick you up for a change!

    Although, the pessimist in me keeps on thinking exactly how long it's going to last. Let's hope the answer is FOREVER!

  4. I am SO loving the weather at the moment, it instantly cheers me up no end! :-)

    Le Material Girl

  5. I was so shocked to get that weather in Glasgow! Shame it's not been about lately :(


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